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A Conversation with THE PHILLY FAN'S Tom McCarthy

Montgomery Theater is currently playing host to Tom McCarthy’s The Philly Fan. The one-man show is a comical love letter to the trials and tribulations of pledging one’s allegiance to Philadelphia sports.

Drunk on Joy

Charles Dickens’ Ebenezer Scrooge has been retold countless times over, but never in tight, leather pants and a Miller Lite in hand. Montgomery Theater’s The Great American Christmas Park Musical is festive, corny, and shows off a stellar cast.            

Giving Tuesday

Thanksgiving Day serves as a reminder to the importance of generosity and kicks off the “season of giving.” Yet with the commercialism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, sometimes this theme can get lost in the shuffle.

This year, Montgomery Theater has teamed up with #GivingTuesdayMontco.


 #GivingTuesdayMontco is an effort to celebrate the importance of giving back to your surrounding community and the organizations that make Montgomery County so unique.


Trailer Park Party!

Save the Date for Montgomery Theater’s Trailer Park Party

Christmas has come early and you can take part in all the fun!

Join us on Saturday, November 21st from 6:00 – 8:00 PM as Armadillo Acre’s favorite trailer rides into town to celebrate The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical.

Intern Extraordinaire

These past couple weeks, while my friends either A) went on slightly boring job-shadowings, B) stayed in class, or C) made up/exaggerated their internship to get out of class, I had the chance to intern at MT for Career Study. My high school offered Career Study as a way for students to explore career interests, so instead of waking up at 6:30 each morning to go to school, I got to sleep in a bit and go to rehearsals for I Hate Hamlet.


That love affair began years ago (I won’t tell you how many) when I was a junior at DeSales University and got to tackle Felicia Dantine, the loud-mouthed, real-estate psychic, for the first time. The opportunity was a coveted one. The play itself only offered six roles, mighty small for such a competitive program.

Performing in Souvenir

by Sonny Leo

I am currently sitting in my dressing room, ready to go on for the final dress rehearsal for Souvenir.  The tux I wear is freshly pressed and I have already been onstage to review my songs and some trickier parts of monologues that I must deliver.


Michael Doherty Shares his Musical of Musicals Experience

At the end of the first rehearsal for The Musical of Musicals (the Musical!), our brains were dripping with dance steps, and our bodies were dripping with sweat. Things never really slowed down with director Stephen Casey's lightening-fast approach to choreographing. Considering the large number of steps we eventually had to learn, there was no other choice. We'd sit down for a quick session with our fantastic music director, Michelle Ferdinand, and as soon as we 'd learned all of the notes, we were up on our feet learning the steps that went with it. 

We're Finally Legal!

Montgomery Theater would like to invite you to our Annual Gala Auction...We're Finally Legal!  This year we celebrate the 21st season here at the Theater.  The Gala will be held on Sunday, March 23rd from 3:00pm to 7:00pm on all three levels of the Theater.  Come enjoy a behind the scenes tour as well as food from the area's best restaurants, Craft Brews, International Wines and many exciting auction items.

A Conversation with THE PHILLY FAN'S Tom McCarthy

Montgomery Theater is currently playing host to Tom McCarthy’s The Philly Fan. The one-man show is a comical love...

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