Fairy Tale High School - First Reading!

Last Monday we had the first reading of Bill D’Agostino’s new children’s play Fairy Tale High School, which Montgomery Theater, Too, will be producing this October. This reading used adult actors even though the play will be performed by student actors in production. We felt that adult actors would be better able to ask Bill the more crucial questions that are valuable at this stage in development. Several alums from Villanova’s M.A. Theatre program and current members of the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival’s Acting Intern Company lent us their time and talent for the evening. The reading was followed by a talk-back with the playwright and dramaturg Mark Costello.


Principal Grimm – Luke Moyer
Turtle – Daniel Bound-Black
Gingerbread Boy – Chris Serpentine
Freddie (aka Prince Charming) – Will Erwin
Brian (aka the Boy who cried wolf) – Adam DeLancey
Milly – Patti-Lee Meringo
Holly – Kimberly Reilly
Pinocchio – Daniel Bontempo
Goldi (aka Goldilocks) – Kimberly Reilly
Fairy Guidance Counselor – Stephanie King
Witch – Katie Wexler
Coach – Patti-Lee Meringo
Jack – Jacob Dresch
Jill – Abbie Richards
Morty the Giant – Will Erwin
Wolfman – Will Erwin
Rose (aka Sleeping Beauty) – Jessica Joy Satryan
Cindy (aka Cinderella) – Amanda Healy
Ben Smallen read Stage Directions

A very special thanks to all who helped make the reading a success!

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