A Family Affair

A Thousand Clowns will forever hold a special place in my heart.  This show is the 5th production I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of at Montgomery Theater.  The previous 4 times were Spinning Into Butter, Bus Stop, Everybody Loves Opal, and Neil Simon’s Rumors.  Each production was a great experience in its own way, but Clowns is different for 2 main reasons:


1) My role of Arnold Burns in this production marks my first appearance as a member of the Actor’s Equity Association (AEA).  I earned many of my credits becoming an AEA member at Montgomery Theater so it’s only fitting that my first time as a full-fledged AEA actor is on this stage.


2) Playing Arnold Burns is also the first time I appear onstage with another actor playing brothers (Will Dennis in the lead role of Murray Burns).  Pretending to be brothers with someone in a production is not generally that big of a deal, but this role is special for me because Will Dennis IS like a brother to me.  Will and I have been friends for almost 20 years.  We went to the same high school (St. Joe’s Prep) and became friends performing in Cape & Sword Drama Society productions.  Oh, and guess what?  Tony Braithwaite (the Director of A Thousand Clowns who is also appearing on stage in the show as Leo Herman) was our director at The Prep!* It’s so easy playing someone’s brother when you are practically family with two of your fellow actors.


Actually, Montgomery Theater itself is practically family for me.  I met my wife around the time I was performing in Everybody Loves Opal.  In one of our first conversations, I learned that her father was in some productions at MT (Wit and The Underpants).  I later found out that my brother-in-law worked with Tom Quinn (the Artistic Director of Montgomery Theatre) at the Mainland Inn and my wife’s grandmother taught Tom Quinn in grade school!  


* “It’s called incest.”  -- This is a joke from A Thousand Clowns that will make sense once you see the show so buy your tickets now! J

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