Four Things About 4000 MILES

Even with twenty years of productions under our belt, things are always a bit hectic with last-minute preparations during opening week. This year the snow and predictions for (say it ain’t so!) ice are adding an extra special something into the mix. It’s not every year that a theater gets to start its season during a week with no fewer than three “major winter storm events” forecast.  We’re going to take it as a sign of distinction. Mother Nature and Montgomery Theater clearly have big things planned for the same week.

No matter what comes falling from the sky the show must go on. So to refocus ourselves, we’ve rounded up four fun facts about playwright Amy Herzog. It would have been cool to do 4000 things, but we have a few other things going on. . .


1.       91 year-old Vera is based on the Amy’s own grandmother Leepee Joseph, who died last year at the age of 96.

2.       Leepee’s first husband (Amy’s biological grandfather) co-authored “God Bless the Child” with Billie Holiday.

3.       Amy is married to A-list theater director Sam Gold, but he has never (so far) directed her work.

4.       Leepee’s second husband was a communist who, it was revealed in 1999, spied for the Soviets.

Now back to work (i.e. fretting about the weather).

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