Intern Extraordinaire

These past couple weeks, while my friends either A) went on slightly boring job-shadowings, B) stayed in class, or C) made up/exaggerated their internship to get out of class, I had the chance to intern at MT for Career Study. My high school offered Career Study as a way for students to explore career interests, so instead of waking up at 6:30 each morning to go to school, I got to sleep in a bit and go to rehearsals for I Hate Hamlet. Just from sleeping in, I had the best time. But I'd also like to think I had most fun internship out of my friends because it was at a theater (the most creative of workplaces) and it had to do with Hamlet (which I read in class earlier in the year, and LOVED). Not to say I also had an educational experience….


At first it was intimidating that I'd be working in a professional theater with "Equity" actors. I thought that it would be much more serious, and that I, the high school intern, might even be a distraction to the actors who were intensely focused on their character. When picturing "professional actors and directors” I imagined accomplished figures with so much knowledge and wisdom; a career that would be extremely difficult for me to reach, if ever, just because of how competitive it supposedly was.


I eventually realized that, while everyone was still accomplished and talented, they were also real people, with families, apartment leases, and backyard gardens. Everyone was especially kind; no big egos to be found. I was greeted and asked how I was when I thought I’d be invisible. Two of the actors even got shushed for talking backstage, and I wish I could show a blooper reel of the sword-fighting and line flubs because it was just as hilarious as the show itself.


Seeing everyone work extremely hard while laughing and having fun has made me more excited for going to college for theater (I forgot to mention that I graduated high school in the middle of rehearsals) and someday working with the awesome actors, crew, and staff I got to help at I Hate Hamlet, again. While it will definitely be a struggle, becoming a successful actor/director may not be as impossible as I thought, as I now realize that being surrounded by talented people in a creative and collaborative environment is the true form of success. Thank you MT for this great opportunity, I will definitely see you guys again!


And readers, GO SEE I Hate Hamlet, it is too funny for you to miss!


--Sarah Shin

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