Michael Doherty Shares his Musical of Musicals Experience

At the end of the first rehearsal for The Musical of Musicals (the Musical!), our brains were dripping with dance steps, and our bodies were dripping with sweat. Things never really slowed down with director Stephen Casey's lightening-fast approach to choreographing. Considering the large number of steps we eventually had to learn, there was no other choice. We'd sit down for a quick session with our fantastic music director, Michelle Ferdinand, and as soon as we 'd learned all of the notes, we were up on our feet learning the steps that went with it. 

What made it not an overwhelming experience was the tremendous sense of fun that was present in the room from the get-go. Stephen loves playing: he loves teaching us his brilliantly funny dance steps, he loves joking around with us, and he loves watching us mess around with big silly choices. Rehearsals felt like one giant laugh-fest (one that we'd hoped would transfer to the audience's sensibilities once we'd opened- and it sure seems like it did).

What impresses me further was the caliber of talent that surrounded me. The powerful voices of my cast mates, the legitimacy of the choreography (Stephen Casey is a man who knows the tiniest details of an Agnes DeMille dream-ballet or a Bob Fosse-style dance break), and the on-the-ball design team made it more than just a fun experience, it made it a worthwhile one.

At the end of the day, though, MoMtM is just good, silly fun. And sometimes that's exactly what the world needs. So come laugh with us. Come share in the tremendous love we have for this piece and for one another. Come forget your troubles and hear some very cleverly crafted puns. Lots and lots of puns.

Whether you're a musical theatre aficionado, or just a fan of the style, there's something in it for everyone. We'd love to see you there.

-Michael Doherty

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