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The birthday after the big birthday never feels as exciting, does it? After all, big birthdays come with big parties and celebratory moments which offer a lovely distraction from the gut-check that one has gotten another year older. Montgomery Theater turns this year. While the twenty-first birthday is a significant one for people, it’s less so for an organization - and so we thought a lot about that when planning our season this year. What does twenty-one mean?


You might be surprised by how much effort goes into putting together a season of plays. While I certainly feel lucky that I get to shepherd five plays through a full production each year, it’s not as straightforward as it might seem. When balancing subject matter, cast size, tone, available talent and innumerable other considerations, it always seems a small miracle when the plan for the coming year begins to come together. But as with so many things in life, once it’s decided I often wonder how it could have been any other way. The five plays we’ll be presenting on our Main Stage this year gelled perfectly. They all explore themes of finding oneself, something I’m sure we all did when that twenty-first birthday – that first year of adulthood – hit.

How could we have given up the chance to produce 4000 Miles, which tackles the weighty issues of aging and loss with humor through the eyes of Leo, the main character who is conveniently the same age as Montgomery Theater?


Souvenir brings us into the world of Cosme McMoon, long time accompanist to the famous (or should I say infamous) singer Florence Foster Jenkins. This music-filled two-hander beautifully explores the power of fighting for what you want and good friendship.


And it seems only fitting that as we look ahead into our third decade we should also take a moment or two to look back at who we were. With that in mind, two reprisals, near and dear favorites, will hit our stage this year. Greetings! was first on the project stage in 1995 – loved then and sure to be loved again 19 years later. The other play that’s being reprised – A Thousand Clowns – is a modern classic of the sort we embrace around here: Funny, charming and did I mention funny?  How could we not revisit that after a 17 year break?


Last but certainly not least is Musical of Musicals (The Musical!) which is just plain fun. And who would say that’s not the perfect way to round out a season? I certainly wouldn’t.


That brings us to our Montgomery Theater, Too season, which I suggest you take in this year. We’ll be celebrating a modern master author (Stephen Sondheim) and creating something new with a fledgling playwright.  Bring your kids, bring grandkids or even just bring yourself. The perspective you get from watching young people perform at this level is eye-opening and awe-inspiring.


Twenty-one is going to be grand!

          --Tom Quinn, Artistic Director

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