Oh, If Only We Could Live in the Music Forever. . .

by April Woodall

This is the first blog entry I have ever written!  As I write I am looking forward to returning to the stage with Sonny Leo this weekend to perform "Souvenir."  It hardly seems possible that we started this journey just six weeks ago, first reading the play while sitting at a table; then gradually moving around the set, discovering which actions might support the words; and eventually, with our insightful director's guidance, settling into the world we built to tell the story of our characters, Cosme McMoon and Florence Foster Jenkins. I say it hardly seems possible because I can't believe that we have come to the closing weekend of our production so soon.  I'm not ready for "Souvenir" to be over!


If you're going to perform in a two-person play, do yourself a favor and work with someone as talented as Sonny Leo. Oh sure, he can sing, and he can play the piano, and he can act, but those are merely the technical skills. (Ha!)  When there's just two of you on the stage, it's the heart that comes through. And Sonny brings ALL his heart to the stage. It's hard to describe how important it is to actors to know they can rely on each other.  It requires a great deal of trust; trust that actors must be willing to cultivate and nurture in the hours of rehearsal and preparation.  It is a trapeze act, a chess game, a tango...all rolled into one.   It doesn't always happen, but when it does, it's exhilarating! 


At the end of "Souvenir" Florence says, "Oh, if only we could live in the music forever, Cosme. If only it could go on and on...  But of course, it can't. Of course, it has to come to an end."  It's so hard to see this production come to an end, but I have many fine memories to take with me: being back at Montgomery Theater; having Tom Quinn as our director; working with Sonny; having Paul Dake's and Rachel Frick's talents backstage; the support of the whole Montgomery Theater creative and administrative staff; and last but not least, the attentive audiences who have embraced our performances so warmly.  Thank you... I am SO GRATEFUL!  


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