Performing in Souvenir

by Sonny Leo

I am currently sitting in my dressing room, ready to go on for the final dress rehearsal for Souvenir.  The tux I wear is freshly pressed and I have already been onstage to review my songs and some trickier parts of monologues that I must deliver.


Monologues... oh the amount of words I have to deliver during this production.  Two months ago I could not fathom how I was going to memorize everything.  I had always categorized myself as a musical theater guy.  Songs and dances were my thing, and a few lines here and there.


Souvenir has forced out the actor in me.  It has enabled me to look deep within myself and test the waters of that 'other' side of the stage.  The one where words are most important.  This show has allowed me to grow as a performer, and as a person.  I have never been more thrilled and simultaneously more terrified. 


Now on this night, just before we see an audience, the terror has left and in its place is now a confidence and pride.  I did it.  I conquered the 61 pages of words, the multiple monologues, the torch songs and the classical music.  I am ready and proud to share the stage with someone as amazing as April Woodall.  Her guidance along the way has been unending and priceless.  We are a team, like Florence and Cosme. 





This now comes after performing our first preview.  I had a blast!  The audience that I thought would unnerve me, was actually helping me to relax.  There was finally someone to play off of and react to.  Like Florence in the play, we were skipping about afterwards.  What an absolute privilege and honor to be able to share the stage with the brilliant April Woodall.  I am now looking forward to doing this every night.  There is no experience in life comparable to bringing an audience to life and having them take this hilarious and touching journey with us.  

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