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The set for the upcoming production of ‚ÄčAny Wednesday has been designed by Arcadia University professor Michael Kerns and his four design students.  The set you will see on stage represents the students' final project for the year, as built by Mongomery Theater's crackerjack Technical Director and set building team.  Below is a dispatch from Design Student Ro Gauger about the design process (with some hints about what that set will look like!)

Working on the set design of Any Wednesday was both a challenge and a privilege afforded to my Arcadia University class by Montgomery Theater Director Tom Quinn. We were charged with creating an authentic set that catered both to the play’s requirements for placement and decorum and the Mad Men slap-stick comedy the play is supposed to be. Written by Muriel Resnik, Any Wednesday is a circumstantial carnival of trickery and wit, riddled with tax deductions and double entendre. However, I and my classmates dove a little deeper into the text to unearth surprising symbols and an even more surprising theme. Each of the characters can be compared to birds, and we pursued the idea of the apartment as a bird cage, acting as both a sanctuary and a jailhouse for the poor little canary Ellen. When designing the set, I worked primarily with the idea of multiple levels and platforms, culminating with the stage right front door entrance and bedroom escape, tweaked and fixed to perfection by professor and team leader Michael Kerns.

While several obstacles threatened to disrupt our plans, as a team we – Heather, Ruth, Mariah, Michael and I – divided and conquered. But acting in unison posed a difficult hurdle for the group in particular, especially when the five of us had to work on the same model from five different locations. Somehow we managed a synchronized effort, and the payoff is what you may see on the Montgomery Theater’s stage. Enjoy the show!


-Ro Gauger, Associate Set Designer and Student at Arcadia University

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