Thoughts from a Member of the Audience

Below is a letter one of our actors received from a student of his that attended ​Becky Shaw.  ​I would give it more of an introduction but I think it speaks for itself.  Enjoy!

Dear Will,

I was absolutely floored by this production. The intensity, the palpable tension, the (call it cliche, but it's true) passion and conviction, or lack thereof, in every character was stunning. The writing is superb, and the identification everyone has with their character was wonderful. I loved the clarity of the turning points, and the clearly established food chain of relationships among the characters. Max was at the top for act 1 and much of act 2, but about halfway through act 2 (I think specifically in the cafe scene with Becky) he began to crumble. There were already cracks, and she got her fingers in and had him wrenched open by the shatteringly open conclusion.

The chilling part of this play is its sheer, unapologetic reality. I identified especially with your character, and with Becky, and I hated Max's guts for much of the play while still not being able to help some affection for him. You were so right when you said that this piece forces us to look at parts of ourselves and our loved ones that we may not necessarily like. When I say I identify most with Andrew and Becky, I mean that Andrew's goodness and Becky's determination are things I strive for, and that I may be closer to Susanna. She wants to be better, but can't quite get there. Her journey was really quite something.

Susan was also a super interesting character.  her advice seemed sensible, if harsh, and those around her seemed to benefit from it, yet she didn't seem to follow much of it herself.  Or rather, was better at helping others (in her way) than herself

All in all, excellent, excellent work. My only regret is that I could not have seen this show twice. Please pass on to the rest of the cast, especially Becky, how amazed I was with their performances. I identified deeply with this show, and I think it will be one of those that does not leave me soon, and that I will be going back to again and again.

Bravo my friend,

Nick Norberg

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