The Lion King, JR. Auditions
Friday, March 10 th at 6:30pm Saturday, March 11 th at 1pm
at the Montgomery Theater
The African savannah comes to life with Simba, Rafiki and an unforgettable cast of characters as they
journey from Pride Rock to the jungle... and back again, in this inspiring, coming-of- age tale. Directed by
Adam Danoff.
Young actors, ages 12 to 20, will be considered for all roles.
Please prepare 16 bars of a memorized show tune. Bring headshot, resume, sheet music, and all
potential conflicts. No CDs. No appointments necessary. Auditions will be held on the Project Stage.
Rehearsals TBD beginning the week of April 10th with performances:
May 19 @ 7pm
May 20 @ 5pm and 7pm
May 21 @ 5pm
May 25 @ 7pm
May 26 @ 7pm
May 27 @ 5pm and 7pm
May 28 @ 5pm
Characters include:
Simba – The adventerous and endearing Prince of Pride Rock
Nala – Simba's courageous best friend
Mufasa – Simba's father and the King
Scar – Brother to the king and uncle to Simba
Rafiki – Wise advisor and guide to the royal family
Zazu – The anxious yet loyal assistant to the royal family
Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed – Three of Scar's hyena henchmen
Timon and Pumbaa – Simba's meerkat and warthog friends who teach him an important life lesson
Ensemble – Lionnesses, hyenas, and other animals of the Pride Lands
Inquiries can be sent to Tom Quinn at



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