Young Actors Workshop

Fall/Winter Mini Sessions

November, 2017 & February, 2018

Mondays 6:00PM-8:00PM


Clowning and Comedy (Grades 3-5) - Make ‘em laugh!  We will explore how movement, timing, and delivery makes things funny.  Students will learn about the history of comedy from Punch & Judy to Statler and Waldorf, from Vaudeville to Cirque Du’Soleil, and then put together short comedic scenes for presentation at the end.

Musical Theater 1 (Middle School) - When words simply won’t do, we burst into song!  Students will practice show-tunes in styles from classic to modern and learn a little about the Composers, Lyricists, and stories behind creating Broadway’s hit shows.  They will then weave them together into an original musical revue to be presented at the final showcase for parents.

Acting For Film 1 (High School) - Being a successful actor on the silver screen requires a very different skill set than on the stage.  In this class, students will learn how to be a Streep instead of a Shatner.  They will explore the ways screen actors are expected to prepare for their scenes, and some of the styles and techniques they can use for film that contrast with theatrical methods.


Musical Movement (Grades 3-5) - Musical Theater isn’t just about singing!  This class will focus on how the choreography is just as important as the vocals.  We will explore some of the evolution of Broadway dance, from Bob Fosse and Gower Champion to “West Side Story” and “Hamilton,” and learn how those movement styles influenced and became synonymous with their shows.  Students will also try out some of the most famous choreography in the Musical Theater repertoire.

Musical Theater 2 (Middle School) - The song that never ends!  Students will learn new material as well as reviewing the previous session’s.  The differences between ensemble and solo singing will be explored, as well as how to utilize different vocal techniques for different styles of song.  This class builds on the previous session but can be taken separately.

Acting For Film 2 (High School) - In this follow-up class, students will learn some of the ways dialogue can be filmed, and how this enhances the scene and reinforces the actors’ performances.  Students will record their own scenes, creating short films that can potentially be used in acting reels for themselves.  This class will build on the previous session but can be taken separately.

Tuition for each session is $150



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