Young Actors Workshop


July 17 - July 28

Monday - Friday 9:30AM - 3:00PM

Shakespeare & Me (grades 3-5) - Everyone has heard of the immortal bard William Shakespeare, but few realize just how many of his stories and characters are still with us today.  Students will explore some of Shakespeare’s famous works and see how they have inspired and been re-imagined into more recent movies and shows such as The Lion King, West Side Story, and more.  The session will culminate in an “original” play written by the students to incorporate Shakespearean plot elements and characters in a modern setting.

FILLED Improvisation! (Middle School) - Don’t worry, there’s no dialogue to memorize here!  Our improv class will teach students how to think on their feet, how to “yes, and” their scene partners, and many other tools and techniques to form the perfect witty comeback through a variety of improv games with hilarious results.

FILLED Stage Combat (High School) - Nothing gets the drama moving like a good fight scene!  In this high-energy class students will learn many ways to portray staged confrontations SAFELY.  A variety of weapon types will be introduced as well as unarmed and slapstick style techniques.  For the final showcase, these will be combined with short scenes to show how stage combat can be the "story within the story" and dramatically enhance a performance.

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