Miracle on South Division Street

Miracle on South Division Street
November 13 - December 8, 2013
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The Nowak family lives amidst the urban rubble of Buffalo’s East Side and every year they perform their unique Christmas ritual of gathering at the shabby old homestead to commemorate the family “miracle.” According to legend, on Christmas Eve in 1942 the Blessed Mother herself appeared to Grandpa in the family barbershop.  Now Clara, the family matriarch, happily tends the family heirloom, a twenty-foot memorial shrine to the Virgin Mary which adjoins the house. As the play develops, daughter Ruth divulges her plan to finally “go public” with the miracle by creating a one-woman Christmas Show about the sacred event. But during the course of the meeting, the entire family’s faith is shaken to the very core.  Heartfelt and hilarious!

When a nice Catholic boy suggests that his sister add a jar of gefilte fish to the cheese, pepperoni and beer on her shopping list, you know something strange is going on. And why not? There’s a very strange family at the center of the crowd-pleasing Tom Dudzick comedy.
— The New York Times
Utterly delightful, while delivering a solid message on faith, the lack of it, why we believe what we believe, and how we can – or must – adjust to life’s surprises.
— Theatermania.com

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